Good Old Summertime Reading

Ah, the long, lazy days of summer! I picture shade trees, cool ocean breezes, a hammock, a tall glass of iced tea or maybe tart lemonade, but definitely with lots of ice, fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky, and a good book to read. Who could ask for anything more?

This summer I decided to participate in the Adult Summer Reading Program at our local library. How many books could I read in 8 weeks? I discovered my reading rate has seriously slowed down, but I did manage to read 9 books during the alloted time. I did start several other books that I didn’t finish. And I read sections of several books on the craft of writing that are not included in the count.   

When I reviewed the list of completed books, I realized several had a war theme. A Good Son by Michael Gruber is not a book I would normally pick up, but I read an excerpt at and became intrigued enough to check the book out of the library. An American soldier, a mother who is a psychoanalyist, and the war in Pakistan all were threads in this amazing novel. I highly recommend it!

Miss Dimple Disappears, by Mignon Ballard, is set in the time period of World War II. The reader is right there with the citizens trying to do their part as civilians to support the war effort and, of course, there is a mystery to solve. Every word is absolutely perfect. I highly recommend this book as well.

Brave Enemies, by Robert Morgan, is a novel about the American Revolutionary War and the Battle at Cowpens, in particular. I heard Professor Morgan speak a few weeks ago, and I just had to read the book. What a compelling read! I had to keep turning the pages to find out what would happen to Josie/Joseph and John.

A Duty to the Dead, by Charles Todd, is set during World War I. The main character, Bess Crawford, is a nurse to British soldiers. What a compellingly strong character she is! This book is also a wonderfully crafted mystery, the first in a new series by the Charles Todd writing team.

While Prayers for Sale, by Sandra Dallas, is not a book about war, it was definitely set in a different time period. Hennie Comfort tells stories to her young friend of the early days of mining for gold and silver in Colorado. The reader catches a glimpse of a hard way of life and learns about quilts as well.

Okay. How many books have you read this summer? Are there any you would recommend?


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